Grand Traverse Organic - Landscape Artisans


Erick Takayama founded Grand Traverse Organic (GTO) in 1996 with an architectural design and customer service background. He believes that beautiful, creative landscapes can work in harmony with his client's homes, improve their quality of life, and protect the natural resources that make the Grand Traverse Bay region special.

Through the design process, GTO collaborates with clients to form and achieve their vision while emphasizing low maintenance designs. Many home sites in the north are on slopes, bluffs, or waterfronts and require innovative design and construction practices. This is a specialty of Grand Traverse Organic.

GTO creates patios, paths, steps, terracing and water features that enhance and function with the property. We are craftsmen in the use of natural stone and pervious pavers. By integrating water conservation techniques, native plants and edible landscapes we increase the beauty, functionality and value of your property. We also work with existing landscapes where change is desired or problems have developed.

GTO's Plant Care staff has the knowledge and knowhow in natural, environmentally safe plant and bed care to keep your landscape looking beautiful.

"Erick and his crew exceeded all my expectations from the planning stages through completion. I found his prices reasonable, the crew punctual, and always willing to go the extra mile. I can’t tell you how many neighbors have stopped by with their guests to see firsthand the transformation of what was once an empty, overgrown lot. Save time searching for a competent, honest and very knowledgable firm by using Grand Traverse Organic Landscapes." – Brian D.